Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

From Office 2010 to 2013–a step backward

I was forced to upgrade to Office 2013 when answering a RFP. From a user experience perspective, I feel that Office 2013 is a step backward from 2010. In the two days of using it, Excel has wasted me several hours of valuable time due to crashes. So I neurotically saved the file after every row of update… Another obvious draw back is the speed – or lack of it. Word, Powerpoint and Excel are noticeably slower than their 2010 counterparts. Even worse was the installation experience – I thought it might take a few minutes (as said on screen) or even up to an hour, but boy was I wrong! I finally got sick of waiting in front of the computer and started on a watercolour of what’s left of my breakfast and finished the painting, then I still had to wait over an hour before the installation was finally finished! At least it was not a total waste of time – I have a picture to show for it: