Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hancock: Good job!

Last week's experience remindes me of scenes from the movie Hancock.

The marketing guy Ray tought Hancock how to behave in front of the crowd - here are the dialogues from the scene.

Ray Embrey: So you've used the door, the building's still intact, people are happy you've arrived, they feel safe now, there's an officer there and he's done a good job, so you might want to tell him he's done a good job.
Hancock: What the hell did I have to come for Ray if he's done a good job?

So later when Hancock when to the crime scene after the police failed to contain the situation, he repeatedly said 'Good job!' to everyone, including the policewoman who was injured and pinned down by enemy fire.

Hancock: [to pinned-down cop] Good job! Do I have permission to touch your body?
Female Cop: Yes!
Hancock: It's not sexual. Not that you're not an attractive woman. You're actually a very attractive woman and...
Female Cop: [screaming] Get me the hell out of here!

Those were the my favorite scenes from the movie. Do the above scenes look familiar in your workplace?

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