Saturday, 22 November 2008

N95 Must Haves: Panoman

I travel quite a bit due to the nature of my job. I used to bring my camera along on every trip. But due to my forgetful nature, and the bulkiness of the normal cameras, I stopped using them on my trips. Instead, I began to use my mobile phone camera, especially after I got my N95.

N95 must have one of the best phone cameras around. I feel that it is even better than many of the cheap digital cameras. It has a decent Carl Zeiss lens, 5M pixels resolution and intelligent image processing software built-in.

When traveling, many of my photos are scenery. Panorama pictures are the best to capture the landscape and the atmosphere of the new places that I visit. So far the best panorama software I found is Panoman. It is extremely easy to use: simple press start and move the handset horizontally, then press stop when you are done. The rest is handled by the Panoman software. Most importantly, the result is superb.

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