Thursday, 12 February 2009

SyntaxHilighter 2

I have been using SyntaxHighlighter 1.5 on my blog site from day one. Since I don't have my own file server to host the SyntaxHighlighter files, I have been borrowing the URLs from java.dzone .

A few days ago, I noticed that all my code snippets in my blogs were not being processed. I first thought it was a temporary glitch from or java.dzone. Today, I realised that SyntaxHighlighter has released v2.0 and obviously java.dzone had upgraded promptly. So I upgraded my blog site to use v2.0 as well by following the official instructions. I also noticed that the author of SyntaxHighlighter is kind enough to host the files from the package which is good for bloggers like me (who do not have their own file servers on the internet).

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