Tuesday, 19 May 2009

IE8 + Outlook Web Access = Problems

A couple of days ago I upgraded my old IE6 to IE8 because IE6 refused to display one of my ZK pages and spat out an error message box.

As I had to use Outlook Web Access (OWA) daily (which is the only reason why I still have IE on my machine), I ran into trouble straight away after the upgrade:

  1. Any editing screens in OWA - e.g. editing a mail was incredibly slow. This was fixed by clicking the Options view in OWA and scroll down to E-mail Security section and click Re-install button. This installed the latest S/MIME ActiveX.
  2. When downloading Office 2007 file types (docx, xlsx, pptx, etc.), OWA attempts to download them as .zip files. This was fixed by adding my OWA web site URL to the Trusted sites list in IE8 (Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted sites) as suggested here.
  3. Cannot send or reply any more! - After working for a couple of days, OWA played up again: when replying mail I got Error: ‎(0x8000ffff)‎: Catastrophic failure; when sending new mail, I got error messagebox saying access denied... Digging through Google, others have experienced the same problem but no solutions. :( The workaround is to uninstall the OWA S/MIME component (as shown in point 1 above)!
Now I know what makes dogs run around and around chasing their own tails - it's their breakfast!


Alexis said...

For me exist only some utilities for solving troubles. It happened because one day I tried approximately 20 softwares for resolving my trouble and no one of theirs didn't aid me. I was disappointed and chose the first tool, which I had seen. It was good and probably would be helpful in this situation also - convert .ost file.

Anonymous said...

Did you find out the solution? The same thing happen to me

Romen said...

An option is to upgrade to Windows 7 and use IE9.