Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Simple Property Viewer with Reflection and ZK

Sometimes I need to display a POJO’s properties/attributes. These POJOs may contain dozens of properties making it tedious to invoke all the getXxx() methods. So Java Reflection is a perfect candidate for such a use case.
In the following example, the LoginResponse class contains dozens of fields that I want to display. The formatMethodName() method beautifies the getXxx() method names into more human user friendly names.
import java.lang.reflect.Method;
import com.laws.acc.model.*;

LoginResponse loginResponse=AccSoapClientProxy.getLoginResponse();
void populateRows() {  
 if(loginResponse!=null) {
  Method[] methods = LoginResponse.class.getDeclaredMethods();
  for(int i=0; i<methods.length; i++) {
   Method method=methods[i];
   //Object arglist[]={};
   if(method.getName().startsWith("get")) {
    Row row=new Row();
    Label label=new Label(formatMethodName(method.getName()));
    label.setStyle("font-style: italic;");
    new Label(method.invoke(loginResponse, null).toString()).setParent(row);
 * turn strings such as 'getUserName' into 'User Name'
private String formatMethodName(String name) {
 // the method name should start with 'get' followed by the property name
 // otherwise, ignore the method.
 if(name==null || name.length()<4) return null;
 StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer();
 // skip the first 3 characters, they are 'get'
 for(int i=3; i<name.length(); i++) {
  char ch = name.charAt(i);
  if(i>3 && ch>='A' && ch<='Z') {
   sb.append(" ");
 return sb.toString().replace("Id", "ID").replace("Dt", "Timestamp").replace("Lre", "LRE").replace("Mvno", "MVNO");
The GUI component I am using is a ZK Grid with each row showing a property value.

// put the above java code here.



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