Friday, 5 June 2015

Blog Renovation

Today I did some renovation work on my blog. For one thing, the Cluster Map server that I used has been defunct for several months, so I have to re-do everything.

More importantly I have changed the title of my blog into ‘eSpace’ and the definition of ‘e’ has been overloaded:

  1. ‘e’ as in ‘e-commerce’. This reflects the original intention of this blog – subjects on IT, computing, technical, nerdy etc. So all my existing blog entries will still fit – making my blog backward compatible so to speak.
  2. ‘e’ which is the pronunciation of the Chinese character ‘艺’or ‘藝’, meaning ‘art’ or ‘skill’. For a while I have been reviving my childhood passion for fine-art and also taught myself piano playing. So I should dedicate some of my blogs on arty stuff.

Although eSpace is anagram of ‘escape’, that is one thing that this blog is not.

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