Sunday, 27 December 2015

BeforeClass in Parameterized JUnit Test

Recently I was faced with an old problem again: JUnit does not run the @BeforeClass method before the @Parameters method. So I had to apply a workaround – to call the initialisation method within the parameters method.
public class TestAddress2 {
 static Address addr, addr2, addr3;
 // for parameterized tests
 private Boolean equalResult, identicalResult;
 private Address a1, a2;

 public static  void init() {
  // set up addr, addr2, addr3
 public TestAddress2(Boolean eqResult, Boolean idResult, Address a1, Address a2) {
 public static Collection parameters() {
  // equalResult, identicalResult, address 1, address 2
  return Arrays.asList(new Object[][] {
   { false, true, addr, addr3 },
   { false, false, addr, addr2 },
   { false, true, addr3, addr },
   { false, false, addr2, addr3 },
   { false, false, addr3, addr2 },
 public void testEquals() {
  assertEquals(equalResult, a1.equals(a2));
 public void testIdentical() {
  assertEquals(identicalResult, a1.identical(a2));

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