Thursday, 11 June 2009

One Year On

I started this blog one year ago in June 2008. I have been using Google Analytics to track the site. Here are some visitor (mostly from IT and development communities) trends collected in the last year or so.

Browsers used:

OS used:

Browser + OS used:

Java support:

As of June 2009 the top 5 visited posts on this blog site are:

  1. Consuming WCF Web Service Using Java Client, July 2008
  2. Consuming Web Services from Android, August 2008
  3. IE8 + Outlook Web Access = Problems, May 2009
  4. WPF Splash with ProgressBar, July 2008
  5. How To Add Unicode Fonts to N95, September 2008

There are a couple of trends worth noticing:

  1. Firefox has a bigger market share than IE among the technical users and rightly so. It will be interesting to see how Chrome will measure up against the top two. Chrome has certainly great momentum considering it has only been launched 9 months ago and already in 3rd place.
  2. Java support is not as ubiquitous as I first thought. I wouldn't develop my next RIA business application on JavaFX any time soon. So right now I will stick to ZK (and maybe SmartSWT) and wait for HTML5 to take over.
  3. It only took less than a month for the IE8 + Outlook Web Access = Problems post to claim the no. 3 spot. It just shows how bad IE8 is.
  4. The post on number 5 spot has far more comments than the rest. It proves once again that non-technical people are far more social

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